Relief Program

Wifak has focused on the adoption of various rapid relief campaigns and humanitarian assistance programs since its inception and continues to carry out this kind of activities.

This is due to the urgent need of Syrian families for such programs which contribute to alleviating them and supporting them in the difficult economic conditions and repeated attacks by the criminal regime .
Wifak relies on a precise mechanism for distribution to ensure that aid reaches its true beneficiaries. The Association conducts field research to target areas that are under repeated attacks by the regime in order to limit affected families and their needs.

Of the projects implemented within this program:

  1. Food Baskets processing and distribution projects
  2. Clothing distribution projects
  3. Distribution of orphans' sponsorship
  4. Support projects for people with special needs
  5. Preparation and distribution of cooked meals to poor families
  6. Distribution of Eid Al-Adha sacrifice meat projects